A long, long, long time ago in the frosty North Pole, nine kittens were born on Christmas Eve at Santa's house. Mrs. Claus found them mewing on her porch. They were very hungry and she gave them some special milk for kittens. The mother of the Jingle Cats was nowhere to be found. Mrs. Claus brought them into the house and set them down in front of the warm fireplace. The elves were afraid of them at first, they were confused. They thought the cats were baby lions. Meanwhile, the kittens mewed and purred with joy because they had been outside quite a long time. They finally settled down and fell asleep in front of the fireplace. They dreamed little kitten dreams about climbing tall curtains, attacking, jumping and playing in flower gardens. When Santa came home from delivering gifts to all the good girls and boys he put on a Christmas record and an amazing thing occured. The elves gave the little kittens tiny magic Christmas hats. The magic took hold and the Jingle Cats began to sing along with the music. Everyone laughed and cheered and the Jingle Cats brought joy to the entire North Pole that year. Now, with each Christmas, the Jingle Cats put on their hats and ride with Santa on his sleigh. They sing songs along the way. Strange as it may seem, many ordinary cats can hear the Jingle Cats sing even when normal humans can not hear them. Only real cats, dogs and some people can still hear them when they are very far away and high above the clouds. At this range, they can not be heard by normal people. Of course, ordinary people can hear the cats when they are close by. All cats and even some dogs know about the Jingle Cats and they look out their windows for them each Christmas. If your cat winks in your eyes or your dog starts howling at the sky for no apparent reason, you will know what they are trying to say to you. They've heard the sound of the Jingle Cats singing. Oh, what a joyful Christmas sound. If you go outside on a quite Christmas eve, and listen very carefully. You might just hear the real Jingle Cats singing along with sleighbells when they're riding high in the sky with Santa and his Reindeer. That would be a very good Christmas for each and every one.


One day in late October, the Jingle Cats set out on a journey to try and find their mother. This seemed like a good idea. Sprikenz, the black cat, had a strange dream the night before and what he could remember was that he saw her and spoke to her. Sprikenz often had dreams that would come true. One time he dreamed that he would jump onto the roof and that did happen. Well, that's not a very good example, but there are lots of others. Anyway, they had heard that the old moth witch was an expert on dreams and perhaps she could tell them who their mother was and how to find her. Now a moth witch is a strange creature that looks like a moth with a human face and large black eyes. She dresses in witch clothing, but she does not carry a broom. She can fly though. Unfortunately, she lived in a very, very old mansion which was located high on a mountaintop and beyond a deep dark forest. Cheesepuff, the wise leader of the Jingle Cats group, thought that the information was perhaps a trick. He was suspicious and rightfully so. He brought with him some magic dust that could be used to make the cats invisible.
As they traveled along the mountains of the North Pole, they met a large talking tree who told them to go back, but off in the distance they heard a voice calling them and they decided to continue.
They found a frozen lake which had winged cat spirits that could fly under water. They told the cats to stay together, because someone was trying to kill them. Cheespuff, Binky and Max continued on the journey, but the other Jingle Cats decided it was too dangerous so they went back down the mountain trail. They were all captured by dog faced alien creatures and they were all held prisoner in a cave full of bats in the side of a dark mountain shaped like a dog. A monstrous looking guard dog with an enormous bark was ordered to guard the cave.
A big winter storm was brewing and Santa was getting worried, so he sent the Elves riding on Reindeer out to look for the missing cats.
Cheesepuff, Max and Binky were visited by a glowing winged kitten fairie. She gave Cheesepuff a jeweled necklace that had secret powers. Max got special glasses that he could use to see what others were thinking. Binky got a silver charm that could become alive and was a fierce warrior goblin that could summon a righteous army. The sky opened up into a blistering storm and the winged kitten fairie was struck by a giant bolt of lightening and she disappeared.
Thunder shocks blasted the mountains and the earth began to shake. Snow started pouring down in an avalanche and cats got thrown far down the mountain.

(to be continued...)